Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Thank You - Whoever You Are

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you - whoever you were who got our Offroading Home funds out of "money jail." You know, that neat little scam that nearly everyone is doing now to fatten their coffers by forcibly "borrowing" money from us through the "rules" they inflict on customers for the "privilege" of merely doing business with them.

For years now, ORH has been linking directly to books and other things which we mention in posts. It makes it easy for readers to see what we are talking about; and Amazon, bless 'em, will give a small "finders fee" to us whenever you click on the link and decide to purchase the book… except, there is a small catch.

Money Jail

Without adding any cost to the reader who makes a purchase, Amazon will give a small portion of the sale to ORH IF you have come to them after clicking on a link from our site! Now 20-50 cents a book isn't much at once, but it does add up over time… and there's the rub. The rule is that they will hold your portion in their "money jail" until it reaches a certain amount - in this case $100. That, as it turns out, is a whole lot of books.

Over the past year and a half the small amounts have been accumulating from sales of the books that I have recommended; but, it wasn't until this month that I was notified that a purchase had put me over the threshold and the funds had been "set free." And, it was a substantial purchase.

Perhaps without even knowing it, a wonderful reader clicked on the ORH Amazon link then browsed around on their site a bit stumbling across a bargain on a new Nikon zoom lens for his camera. His purchase set our funds free and revealed another quirk of the system which I didn't realize – the "finders fee" seems to include not only the original click, but others purchases made at the same time.

So – a great big THANK YOU to everyone who has purchased not only the books we recommend but gift certificates, camera lenses, computer ink cartriges and other things. Now, you can expect to see some more master maps of western offroad trails with the new trail books that we will purchase with the money. In case you were wondering, here are a few of the top purchases made through the links on Offroading Home over the past year:

Top ORH Reader Purchases - 2011

[Sorry, you guys with ad-blockers might not see the photograph nor the price pop-up; BUT, the links still work.]

A Field Guide to Rock Art Symbols of the Greater Southwest
It takes a lot of work and skill to create a petroglyph. I know, I've tried it. A full day's work produces only a small image. This books contains photographs which lend meaning to the rock art one sees around the Mojave desert. Gift Cards - E-mail Delivery
And don't forget these things. You can purchase them in ANY amount - with so much of the population shopping online now, this is a great "eGift!"

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - part 2
It goes without saying - this would have to be on the list. And look at the price! you can't even beat this price at Sam's Club.

Afoot and Afield: Las Vegas and Southern Nevada: A Comprehensive Hiking Guide
Beyond the bright lights of one of the city's fastest growing metropolitan areas is some of the most rugged, beautiful, and remote country around. Popular destinations such as Red Rock Canyon, Valley of Fire, Death Valley, and Mt. Charles are covered, plus lesser-known areas such as Anniversary Narrows, Arrow Canyon, Bowl of Fire, and the Wee Thump Joshua Tree Wilderness. Mostly for hikers, a custom map accompanies every description, and GPS waypoints are given for key locations.

Ancient Ruins of the Southwest: An Archaeological Guide (Arizona and the Southwest)
This third edition of David Grant Noble's indispensable guide to archaeological ruins of the American Southwest includes updated text and thirteen newly opened archaeological sites. From Alibates Flint Quarries National Monument in Texas to the Zuni-Acoma Trail in New Mexico, reader will be provided with old-time favorites and new treasures. In addition to descriptions of each site, Noble provides time-saving tips for the traveler, citing major highways, nearby towns and the facilities they offer, campgrounds, and other helpful information. Filled with photos of ruins, petroglyphs, and artifacts, as well as maps, this is a guide every traveler needs when they are exploring the Southwest.

Ancient Visions: Petroglyphs and Pictographs of the Wind River and Bighorn Country, Wyoming and Montana
The Bighorn and Wind River basins of north-central Wyoming and southern Montana have been home to Native American tribes for at least 11,000 years and contain some of the most diverse assemblages of hunter-gatherer rock art anywhere in the world. Most notable are the spectacular and surreal images of the Dinwoody tradition, but there is also a startling array of other forms from shield-bearing warriors to animals, plants, and abstract images. Ancient Visions presents a sampling of these wonderful rock art figures.

Backcountry Adventures Arizona (New Hardcover Edition) 2nd (second) edition Text Only
Backcountry Adventures Arizona guides readers along 2,670 miles of the state's most remote and scenic backroads, from the lowlands of the Yuma Desert to the high plains of the Kaibab Plateau. Trail history comes to life through accounts of Indian warriors like Cochise and Geronimo, trailblazers, and the famous lawman Wyatt Earp. Like the other guides in the Backcountry Adventures series, Backcountry Adventures Arizona provides a helpful, concise chart with each trail description, listing starting and finishing point, mileage, driving time, and elevation. Hundreds of photographs and fascinating histories bring the trail to life. The new 2008 edition of Backcountry Adventures Arizona is in hardcover and includes updated contact information. Backcountry Adventures Arizona is the most comprehensive book of its kind and is indispensable for planning any kind of outdoor adventure in the Grand Canyon State. It will appeal to anyone who enjoys the backcountry: campers, anglers, four-wheelers, hikers, mountain bikers, snowmobilers, amateur prospectors, sightseers, and more...

Backroads of Arizona: Your Guide to Arizona's Most Scenic Backroad Adventures
The face of Arizona has changed dramatically over the centuries-but for those who know where to look, the coyote still howls, waterfalls still tumble into deep red rock canyons, and some of nature's finest handiwork is still to be seen along the backroads and byways of the state. For the open-road adventurer or the armchair tourist, Backroads of Arizona is the ideal guide to the state where antelope still roam, cowboys still ride the range, and mail is still delivered by mule train. Jim Hinckley's informative text and Kerrick James' brilliant color photography reveal the Grand Canyon State as more than just desert and towering saguaros: It is a powerful land of compelling variety where a mere sixty-mile drive can transport you from scorching sands to dense evergreen stands where deer and elk roam. Continuing on Voyageur Press’ successful travel series, Backroads of Arizona takes you on more than twenty trips to the state’s most notable and underappreciated sites. The book covers Arizona’s plethora of awe-inspiring natural areas and national parks as well as its many historic sites, including Native American Pueblos and ancient ruins, ghost towns and vestiges of the Old West, and more. It is a fitting celebration of one of the most scenic states in the country.

Carving Found Wood: Tips, Techniques & Inspiration from the Artists
Woodworkers of all skill levels will find inspiration and practical advice in this collection of the wisdom of 30 expert woodcarvers who create their art exclusively from found materials. Each artist is highlighted through extensive interviews, beautiful photographs of finished work, and step-by-step instructions for the techniques used. Topics include the qualities of a variety of woods, where to find usable wood, how to work with cracks and knots, and what tools are needed to make the best of what nature has to offer.

Illustrated Guide to Carving Tree BarkProviding a complete review of cottonwood, the most commonly used form of bark, this guide addresses the unique challenges and benefits of carving tree bark and offers information on what to expect from this atypical wood source, including the best places to find it. An important section on troubleshooting teaches carvers what to do when they encounter rot or insect damage in their bark. One complete project, the Whimsical House, is outlined from start to finish. Close-up photography and instructional captions are included for added guidance. A full-color photography review offers a glimpse at the range of projects possible for this unusual material.

Life Among the Piutes; Their Wrongs and Claims
This autobiographical work was written by one of the country's most well-known Native American women, Sarah Winnemucca. She was a Paiute princess and a major figure in the history of Nevada; her tribe still resides primarily in the state. Life Among the Piutes deals with Winnemucca's life and the plight of the Paiute Indians. Life Among the Piutes is Winnemucca's powerful legacy to both white and Paiute cultures. Following the oral tradition of Native American people, she reaches out to readers with a deeply personal appeal for understanding. She also records historical events from a unique perspective. She managed to record the Native American viewpoint of whites settling the West, told in a language that was not her own and by a woman during the time when even white women were not allowed to vote. Sarah Winnemucca dedicated her life to improving the living and social conditions for her people. She gave more than 400 speeches across the United States and Europe to gain support for the Paiutes. She died of tuberculosis in 1891. Life Among the Piutes was originally published in 1883.

Native Plants Of Southern Nevada
This is a great book for those of us who want to "stop and smell the cacti," so to speak. It contains descriptions and photographs of most of the fauna found in the Mojave desert, how they were used by native americans and what it took to gather and use them.

Nevada Trails Western Region
This first volume in our Nevada series of Trails books features destinations in western Nevada, near the towns of Reno, Carson City, Virginia City, Tonopah and Hawthorne. Meticulous trail details instruct readers how to safely navigate hundreds of miles of the region's best scenic backroads and four-wheel drive trails. See ghost towns, numerous old mines and mill workings, old railroads and stage lines along 39 off-road routes. Directions include GPS coordinates and all trails are rated for difficulty, mileage, driving time, remoteness and more. Descriptions highlight ideal places to camp, hike, mountain bike, fish and sightsee. Histories recount days of the Wild West.

Nevada Trails Southern Region
Nevada Trails Southern Region covers a range of roads from easy-going, scenic drives to more technical 4-wheel drive trails. Full of detailed maps, directions, and vital trail information, this guide takes you off the paved roads and into Nevada's breathtaking backcountry. It includes 44 scenic drives near the towns of Las Vegas, Pahrump, Laughlin, Tonopah, Beatty, Goldfield, and more! Step back in the past while exploring old ghost towns and mining camps. Nevada Trails Southern Region is perfect for scenic drivers, hikers, mountain bikers, 4-wheelers, and everyone who loves the outdoors!

Roadside History of Nevada (Roadside History Series)
There's more to Nevada than one-armed bandits, cheap buffets, and Elvis impersonators. From ice ages to expeditions, Paiutes to pioneers, and dams to divorce seekers, Roadside History of Nevada provides an overview of the Silver State. Richard Moreno divides Nevada into six geographical-historical areas, rich and often surprising in detail: Pyramid Lake yielded a world-record 41-pound cutthroat trout; Virginia City housed Mark Twain when he wrote for the Territorial Enterprise; and Lovelock Cave was the site of one of the West's greatest archeological misunderstandings. Survey the boom and bust of the mining industry, trace the desperate plight of the Donner party trapped in Sierra snow, and observe the growth of gambling from low-profile to a neon-castle industry.

Survival Arts Of The Primitive Paiutes
A nice companion book to the native plants book mentioned above. A tremendous source of information on the uses and preparation of plants.

The Rocks Begin to Speak
This is one of the first books that I purchased after finding the petroglyphs on Gold Butte. It was written by a piute cryptographer who spent his life combining the skills he learned in the war with a passion to discover what the writings of Native Americans mean.

Nikon 200-400mm f/4G ED-IF AF-S VR Zoom Nikkor Lens for Nikon Digital SLR Cameras
A great price on a great lens for a great camera. [And did I say thanks for purchasing this one!]

Premium Horizontal Leather Pouch Case for Verzion Motorola Droid A855
I've got one of these - 0nly it's the size to fit a Sprint HTC. Very rugged.

Epson Black Ink Cartridge (T060120)
If you're not going to the bother to refill your printer cartridges, you can't beat Amazon's prices for these things.

HP ink cartridge
HP, the company that seems to have started it all. If you're not going to the bother to refill your printer cartridges, you can't beat Amazon's prices for these things.


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