Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Godspeed Endeavour

Finally, after several delays, the spaceship Endeavour left the Cape Canaveral starting blocks for its final voyage to the International Space Station. Its 16 day journey to outfit the Space Station with the long awaited Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer began with a lunge toward the clouds upon the command of the Auto-sequencer which controlled the thousands of "double-checks" and switch-throws necessary during the last nine minutes before the sparks started flying.

The six lucky astronauts' families watched from the roof of the launch control center as the clouds swallowed the ship mere moments after the launch, leaving them stunned silent from the site. Congresswoman Gifford (the commander's wife) made her second trip to the cape from her rehab hospital stay in order to participate in the event and said "Good stuff… good stuff" as her husband flew toward the stars.

Endeavor: A purposeful or industrious undertaking, especially one that requires effort or boldness.”

Really, cut short before it's time, upon returning Endeavour will begin its thourough decommissioning before ending its days as an exhibit at a Southern California amusement facility.

Launch: Endeavor, Launch Director - air to ground one.

Ship: Go ahead.

Launch: Ok, Mark, looks like a great day to launch Endeavour for the final time. So on behalf of the thousands of proud Americans who have been part of her journey… good luck, god speed and we'll see you back here June 1st.

Ship: Thank you sir. On this final flight of Space Shuttle Endeavour we want to thank all the tens of thousands of dedicated employees who have put their hands on this incredible ship and dedicated their lives to the space shuttle program. As Americans we endeavor to built a better life than the generation before and we endeavor to be a united nation. In these efforts we are often tested. This mission represents the power of teamwork, committment and exploration. It is in the DNA of our great country to reach for the stars and explore! We must not stop!

To all the millions watching today, including our spouses, children, family and friends… we thank you for your support.

Launch: Outstanding words Mark, thank you sir. And to do that – you are clear to launch Endeavour.

Godspeed Endeavour!

Learn A Little More

Here is the video of Endeavours last launch.

[[ Sorry, apparently the vmixcore server where these NASA videos were stored went out of business too - Didn't think NASA would be like that - But, we didn't count on Obama either. ]]


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