Saturday, March 19, 2011

GEO-tography: Reflections

I'll bet not more than one in ten of us actually "see" the topic of this GEOtography post when we are out riding. We can be looking right at a magnificent reflection and still be completely oblivious to it's existence.

We probably see more of them, or at least are more aware of them when we are looking at photographs; but, up close and in person – not so much. Most of our brains have been trained to tune them out as distractions. Until, that is, we take the time to just "stand a spell" and take in the view. If we decide to "really" look at what we are seeing they pop into existence as if by magic!

These photographers have captured "Reflections" to the "umpth" degree! As I think you will soon agree.

As always, the goal here is NOT to make us professional photographers, but to merely become acquainted with the possibilities. Sort of like hiding the speaker of a tape recorder under your pillow, I'm hoping that by looking at enough good photos some of the learnin' might subliminally seep into my brain.

[As before, these are full photographs so be patient while they load.   You can click on the photograph to open the full image.]

Magnificent examples of "Reflection" photography

Horses by Mike Baird

by Moran

by atrium09

Reflections for the day by Dene' (Seattle) Miles

Boat reflection by Jesper Hauge

Flooded Stream Reflections by Wendell

Still Reflections by Giampaolo Macorig

Reflections by te.esce

Reflections by Scott Ingram Photography

Self Reflection by by Mike Chen

Marble Reflections by By Scott Ingram Photography

Reflections From Another Day by Professor Bop

Reflections 7 by antman60

Golden Reflection by Chad Galloway

Fall Reflections by Scott Ingram

North Bungan Reflection by Tim Donnelly

Reflection Lakes by John Heaton

El Capitan by By Sathish J

Canada Geese by Alanna@VanIsle

Svalbard reflections by Tunde Pecsvari

Drainage Ditch II by Steve Wall

Cloud Reflections by Beth Sargent

Manasquan Reservoir Sunrise Reflection by Bob Jagendorf

Reflections by Moh Tj

Sunset Crater National Monument by James Jordan

Dripping Springs Lake near Okmulgee, Oklahoma by Thomas & Dianne Jones

Assateague pony checking his reflection by Eric Lynch

Winter oak reflections 02 by treehouse1977

There you have it – perhaps we'll never look at photographs quite the same way again.


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