Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Carols - Not So Been There, Done That

What do you do when you've already got the T-shirt? Been there–done that is how the younger generation puts it. What about Christmas carols? We've all heard them so much and for so long — who hasn't got them memorized… well pretty much?

Take a look/listen to these TEN carols that I've found on the web – on TEN different instruments – in TEN different arrangements. All of them take an original Christmas carol and make it fresh and new for the season… with or without the snow! Yo, ho ho!

Merry Christmas from Offroading Home

1. Acoustic Guitar – O Come, O Come Emmanuel

Even if classical (acoustic) guitar isn't your bag this guy's fingers must be bionic. His arrangement of the old classic makes it new again.

2. Electric Guitar – Jingle Bells

If you can get past the "buzz" effect this guy uses – it doesn't take much to see that this guy is… good!

3. Bass Guitar – Carol of the Basses

I've always likes bass guitars (and tubas); but when you write an arrangement which lets them do the melody… well, that's just plain neat!

4. Piano – The First Noel

Ok, this guy seems a bit affected (full of himself) as he plays; but, the arrangement is one of the best I've heard of this song, and he's obviously very accomplished.

5. Ukulele – Silver Bells

What mash-up would be complete without Silver Bells – and the Ukulele? This one is doesn't sound Hawaiian at all.

6. Flute – White Christmas

This guy does both the song and the instrument proud. A great jazz arrangement.

7. Saxophone – Deck the Halls

A bit like a clarinet and a saxophone – this is the soprano saxophone with a sound a bit hard to describe.

8. Hammer Dulcimer – Angels We Have Heard on High

My friends in Arkansas and Oklahoma will appreciate this arrangement - reminds me of the Ozarks and Branson.

9. String Quartet – I Saw Three Ships

The most classic piece of all that I've included here and is an interesting display of bowing technique.

10. An iPad Band – Various

OK, this one is just plain fun! Amazing what can be done with an iPad!

Happy Holidays


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