Tuesday, November 30, 2010

GEO-tography: Minimalism

If you spend any time at all navigating around the web you will undoubtedly see that it is highly graphically oriented. And unless I miss my guess you will, on occasion, stumble onto a photograph which impresses you as being exceedingly fine. You may bookmark it so you can look at it again, or you may even get an idea how to take one like it of your own for your favorite offroad spot.

Sometimes, it's sort of like watching a movie – you may not be able to write a screenplay or know how to direct a film but you do know what a good film looks like and what plots seem hokey, even if you can't put it into words. Such is the case with the set of GEO-tographs that I've included below. Of course they are in focus, have good color and interesting content; but, they also have something else – lack of other things to go wrong!

It's called "Minimalism," a photgraphic technique which is in fairly high demand commercially. The photographer merely focuses on one small key element and takes pains to make sure that the rest of the composition is completely clutter free.

Clean, simple, clear and uncluttered – it sort of rings a primeval 'bell' in our senses and makes us think: "I could do that." A link back to easier days before everything became a 'sound bite' and just another opportunity for an ad "impression."

And of course you recognize just why these types of images are so sought after by advertisers don't you? No competition for their message. Fear not, these are without advertising – I just like 'em.
[Remember, like always, these are full photographs so be patient while they load.]

Under the Arctic Sun by Crash Taylor

Remembrance of autumn II by Leszek Kobusinski

Remembrance of autumn II

Living Desert by C. J├Ąger

Living Desert

Golden Falls by Jeff Lynch

Golden Falls

Winter Fields by Jeff Lynch

Winter Fields

june 1st by reaca7cher

june 1st

by zackseckler

White Sands by Ballisticvole

White Sands

Rocks by tonyajoy


Kafka by

France minimal

France minimal

The trail

Icy blow in White sands

Nothing Can Happen to Us



Into the void

A tale of 5 trees

Straw bales on the horizon line

Lonely finshing snow

dust storm

Across the Field

Salt Flats

Simply, Quiet Life

Last Leaf


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