Saturday, March 6, 2010

Sierra Club Illegally Soliciting in Mesquite

Many times we wish we could be able to canvas areas and invite people with offroad vehicles on a ride with us to spruce up trails. Although I didn't realize it before moving here, a Mesquite Nevada law which makes it illegal to go door to door soliciting or canvasing etc. was explained to me.

Even the Boy Scouts, who everywhere else go door-to-door placing bags on door handles so people can donate to the "food for the homeless" if they want to, are told NO, it is illegal in Mesquite.

SO, even after all the brew-ha-ha over trying to make the entire area a wilderness area is in the press - imagine my surprise… to open the door and find a yellow T-shirted Sierra Club representative wanting to place a solicitation in our hands. (Actually, dad answered the door but when we could see that this lady didn't intend to ever leave until she had delivered her entire spiel, I went to his aid.)

We listened to her yammer for 3-4 minutes without ever coming to the point except about how terrible these BAD people were for wanting to build a power plant "just outside Mesquite." She was persistently demanding that Dad make a phone call to say he wanted to stop the build – all the while waving her color brochure in front of him to take.

No matter that he had politely told her he wouldn't care to - she persisted yet again "are you shure you couldn't make just one call to stop this ugly, polluting thing?" That's when I said "thank you" and left the door. I could then see her ringing our neighbor's door so asked her if she knew that what she was doing was illegal in Mesquite?

She played dumb - but when I persisted, her only come back was "I'll have to check with the Sierra Club!" ARE YOU KIDDING LADY - CHECK WITH THE MESQUITE POLICE DEPARTMENT!!!

She spent nearly 5 minutes rambling, using scare tactics, innuendo, overstatement, and gesticulations wanting a phone call to support HER cause. Saying no to one approach merely led to a slick, practiced shift into yet another personal opinion leading to another request.

She wouldn't tell me where she lived or how much pay she was getting for going door-to-door; definitely makes me think she was part of a "paid sales force" trucked in to canvas the area - just like the "I'm just trying to win a contest" magazine sales people.

So… if you see any sierra clubbers coming down the street - YES please make a call - to the Mesquite Police: 702-346-6911; the only email I have for the Sierra Club if you want to voice your displeasure is: - he's their representative who is trying to close off the entire area as "wilderness."

[And, don't give me any grief - I don't have to agree with the "limitation of free speech," apparently the city doesn't think it is and it IS the law! If the Boy Scouts abide by it the Sierra Club should as well!]

Addendum: I just checked out the solicitation handout that the lady left. A VERY expensive full color, oversized placard generically designed to demean and possibly slander "Blackstone's Dirty Coal" all across the country (and YOU thought the club was just showing concern about our little Mesquite!) The only thing specific on it was a sticker with a phone number to call.

The pre-addressed response card actually didn't have a name on it (just a big union printers label) - Gee, why would you think that would be? Except when you dutifully sent in your full credentials to the unidentified address [732 S 6th Street, #200, in Las Vegas NV] guess where it ends up? The Sierra Club (Nevada Office.) AND, the address is also a shill for a multitude of fund-raising groups including "plan Nevada," "Nevada Aids," tons of lawyers including "imminent domain," "democrat fund raising," "Environment Nevada," and on, and on, and on!

Google the address yourself and see just how many mailing and solicitation lists you will be on if you fall for the scam and send in your card! And if you fall for sending them your email and PHONE NUMBER as they want - say "amen" to any peace around dinner time!

That's why I long ago stopped sending a check to the Sierra Club - their dishonest, deceptive, underhanded methods. It amazes me why anyone with a lick of sense would purchase or donate money to any company who had just LIED and Misrepresended themselves in order to get in your door! (Or would think that we would.)

I am told that the Sierra club is one of the sources of funding for the "fiends of Gold Butte." And, of course, that's the group the Mesquite Mayor is relying on for "advice" on how best to "convince" the government to swap land for her new airport.

Just remember the next time you hear something like: "Oh no, don't worry about making this a wilderness area - We will be able to choose how it will be used and set our own plan. It will be ok." Just do NOT count on hearing anything like the whole truth.

No More Bull!


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