Saturday, February 13, 2010

Ride 19: Lime Kiln to Budweiser Fence

It really was a great day for a ride when we finally were able to get out of winter snowbird headquarters for an afternoon's ride in the mountains. The snow had stopped falling, the clouds had dissipated and the sky was bright blue   [For a free Google Earth file of this route see: Ride 19: Lime Kiln to Budweiser Fence]

After more days inside out of the rain than snowbirds are entitled to endure we decided that it was even… worth putting on our coats in order to get out on the trails. Actually, the snow is a great and welcome relief to the people of Mesquite who have learned how to manage the snow correctly — it falls (mostly) on the mountains!

The valley was dry – and the dust was NON-existant! And we were pleased to see that someone had been working to "refurbish" the fish tank (ahem stock tank) at the mouth of Lime Kiln Canyon. The water was flowing more briskly, the tank was fuller and they had even built "ramps" into the water (for little duckies?) Now someone just needs to replace the fish.

Even for the umpteenth time the ride up the canyon was great fun. Only the last quarter mile on both sides of the summit was snow packed, turning to slush. Parashant looked grand, as ever.

We decided that we would run back down and over to Cabin Canyon to have lunch, so that's where we headed. Still no dust – it was great.

The desert plants were plump and succulent and looked really happy. Did I say, no dust?

After three days men grow weary of a wench, a guest, and rainy weather.”
Benjamin Franklin

If you've been up the Cabin Canyon road you remember the "old growth" Yucca "forest" on one segment of the trail. It they don't bloom this year, they have forgotten how. I'm told that the Yucca wait for a substantial cold snap and a "water" year before they bloom in mass. Perhaps this is the year!

We had lunch a little way up in the canyon on the cement picnic tables. I'm sure there's a story there, they look like they've been there since the CCC day's. Perhaps they had something to do with the tables and the fitted "3-man" rock wall and steps.

On the way back down a small trail runs up a side canyon for a short side trip up to South Valley. I took the trail up to the "Budweiser Fence," so named for the many… well look at the picture.

What a great ride. ALMOST, worth the days we spent inside looking out at the rain and clouds.


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