Monday, November 23, 2009

Map Update: Arizona Trails - South

Finally, I've been able to put the finishing touches on this summers' "Update Arizona Trails Map" project. [For a free Google Earth file of this route see: Arizona Trails Map]

I was able to obtain the loan of the book: Arizona Trails South Region by Peter Massey and and his friends from Adler Publishing.

The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page.”
Saint Augustine

All of the descriptions are complete now for thirty-three trails in the South Region which is along the Mexico border and around Tuscon. That makes over a hundred trails in Arizona all mapped out with downloadable tracks, and descriptions of directions to trailheads, mileage, map availability and major things to see on the ride.

For those interested in a "winter" ride - this could be the place. There are mines, mountains, lakes, trees and deserts. From short day trips to one long 2 day adventure.

Learn A Little More

The book Arizona Trails South Region is an excellent resource to plan an offroad trip in Arizona. Each route is accompanied by turn-by-turn navigational aids going in both directions and photos of sites along the way. If you are going to purchase it, please consider doing so using the links on this page. There will be no extra cost to you, but a portion will go to keeping this site going and the trails coming.


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