Monday, July 6, 2009

New Mesquite Offroad Trails Map

For some time I have been worrying about combining all the trails we have ridden our ATVs in the winter snowbird headquarters area into one composite map. I finally bit the bullet and just spent the time to do it — and here it is: Mesquite-Bunkerville Riding Trails

It must be said, that these are the "verified" trails in the area, not those on the ubiquitous "old time" or "marketing" maps handed out. No frills, no descriptions, no markers (except area labels), just a plain ordinary map of where you can take your bike all in a GoogleEarth .kml file.

Time flies like an arrow; fruit flies like a banana."Groucho Marx

Over our many rides, we have come to understand that the "pioneers" seemed to have a better trail system than Mesquite does now. Often we have blissfully followed a road only to find a "cement plant" built right in the middle without so much as a "by-your-leave" and nobody taking the time to either put up a sign or change a map.

But these trails are the ones that we have successfully followed. Some are better views than others, some are "funner" rides than others, and still others lead to interesting short hikes. All (except the backside of Cabin Canyon) have been taken on 2-wheel drive ATVs.

There are still others not on this map, yet to be driven. Please leave a comment on the post if you'd like to add descriptions or additions to any of these trails.

And, PLEASE, send me any GPS tracks that you've followed which aren't on here!

So many trails … so little time!

Learn A Little More

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