Saturday, November 15, 2008

The Perpetual Snowbird

Right next to "what do I want to do when I grow up?" it seems is: "Where am I today?"

We've been here before, but it seems that this year we're earlier - at least we've missed the snow storms up north in Salt Lake completely, unlike last year. The threats of contracting "snow blindness" ever present in our minds, we loaded up what we didn't want to have to buy all over again and fled southward.

Friends in Beaver Dam drew us to the "warm"; but, unless you own (or camp), there isn't anywhere to stay in Beaver Dam. So, spittin' distance down the road, just past the sign saying "Welcome to Arizona" on one side and "Leaving Arizona" on the other, is Mesquite where there are apartments to rent. There's a Burger King a Kentucky Fried Chicken and two McDonalds.

Mesquite seems like it's the same it was when we "put it away" last spring - but, with my memory the way it is, I'm just glad to be able to remember where I left it.


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